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How to fix iPhone loss of sound

2: Seeker

1. Check the audio switch
A special feature between the iPhone and other smartphone devices is probably the unique audio switch. So if the iPhone suddenly lost sound, you should check this switch again because it is highly likely that during use you have accidentally switched to silent mode.
Restart iPhone
Most of the way to save the error on the  to restart the device. If you use the iPhone for a long period of time without planning to restart it, it will be very easy to put the iPhone in bad situations.
To restart the device, hold down the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears in front of the screen.
3. Restore all settings
Sound loss issue on iPhone can occur when you change sound settings on iPhone. Therefore you should reset all settings on device by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all settings.
Note: This process will only change the settings back to the original state, so it won't affect data on your iPhone.
The error of a virtual headset icon often occurs on the iPhone, causing a lot of trouble for users. Because of that, to fix, you just need to find a headset that plug and unplug continuously into the iPhone four to five times. At the same time check if dust is attached to the 3.5mm headphone port.
5. Turn off Bluetooth on iPhone
Do you believe Bluetooth is affecting the ability to play audio from your iPhone? It can completely happen. If your iPhone accidentally connects to a Bluetooth speaker or some wireless headset, the speaker on the iPhone will actually be disabled.
Try turning off Bluetooth by going to Control Center and turning off the Bluetooth icon.
6. Press firmly on the right corner of iPhone
This method sounds quite strange, but gives quite a high effect for many users. Connections to the device speakers may become loose after a period of use. So you can press hard and hold for 20 seconds to be able to fire your iPhone.
7. Restore the device
If the above methods do not work for your device, then forcing you to trade data loss, to save your iPhone. However, no one can be sure that when applying the restore solution will fix the iPhone not playing sound or not, but you should also give it a try.

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