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I have a brand new Moto edge 40. Vodafone say I’ll need a new phone when they switch off 3G.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Vodafone have been warning I will need a new phone when they switch off 3G, so, having read many reviews, I bought a Moto Edge 40. I was using PAYG, as reception is so poor where I live that I use my phone very little, but have now moved to pay monthly, and 4G appears onscreen as the network it’s registered to. However, I have just had the same text saying that I need a new phone when 3G is switched off. Is this correct or is it an attempt to get me to buy a new phone from Vodafone? How can I use my new phone when Vodafone switches off 3G? 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is one of the latest 5G devices, sold by Vodafone on the website here  The phone is quite capable of using the latest technology with 4G VoLTE calling.

I wouldn't be surprised is this message is getting confused with your previous unsupported 4G calling phone and as you have now purchased a new phone, you can safely ignore the message.

I would direct you to devices guides here, but it doesn't look like Vodafone have added it to the list but the previous Edge 20 should be similar.  Also take a look at GSMArena here

Thanks for the reassurance. I’d looked at the devices guide and found it wasn’t listed, hence my query. I suspect Motorola is launching too many phones for Vodafone to keep up! 

Hi @judelli,

The Moto edge 40 is actually 4G & 5G compatible, @AnnS is right that this appears to be an error. 
Please don't hesitate to drop the Social Media team a message so we can make sure that your account and phone are set up for you to have no issues moving forward. Yourself and or the team can also check the Network in your area to make sure you're aware of the coverage available here.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

It does all look a little suspicious, I'm using a Poco F3 with WiFi calling and VoLTE up and running.  But while it's not on the supported list, I've also had no notification about future compatibility!