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No incomiing calls after my number is ported

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have seen this tiopic before but no solution has been posted.  I was with O2 and changed to Lebara (Vodophone).  My SIM was activated and I couls make calls but no incoming calls apart from from Vodophone users.  I had Lebara chat in one window ans O2 chat on another and was talking to both at the same time.  This was after a week of no incoming calls. Lebara said that they were waiting for Oq to port data and O2 said that they had nothing to port.  I told bnoth that someone was telling porkies and obtained a refund from Lebara.  I now bought a SIM from Asda, also Vodophone network and the same is happenning.  I can recaive no incoming calls unless it is from Vodophone network.  I received my SIM over two weeks ago and my number was transferred on Wednesday which will betwo weeks ago tomorrow.   It has been with Vodophone porting team ever since.  I am no further forward. How fo I elevate this problem please?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

When there is an issue with the original port unless corrected it can follow on when you move to a new provider @tonyshew .  Porting issues are usually easily rectified when raised with the network provider, in this case ASDA Mobile who will need to raise a split porting request with Lebara.

Unfortunately, as you are an ASDA customer and they are your service provider, although ASDA use the Vodafone network, it's unlikely Vodafone will be able to help with an ASDA porting issue.