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Phone Randomly Rebooting

2: Seeker

This problem began yesterday.  I own a Huawei mrd-lx1 which I purchased just over a year ago.  Yesterday morning, I woke up and went to check my phone was normal (after a few tries to turn my morning alarms off, of course).  Things were normal, but about half an hour later my phone suddenly rebooted itself, went back to the usual Huawei screen as it loaded and then, rebooted itself again.  This has now been happening for the past two days.


I attempted to hold my Vol down button and power button to simulate the removal of the battery.  Not sure if that worked - but I was eventually able to get to the system screen which stated that there was an update that had tried to download and failed.  "No worries!" I thought and told it to download the update again.  It did so, processed and applied the update, and booted up like normal.  I was just about ready to pat myself on the back for fixing the issue when ... it rebotted itself and got stuck on the loading screen again.


And so it's been going for the past two days.  I think I've actually loaded that update twice at this point.  Sometimes the phone actually works for a considerable amount of time - it actually stayed on over night and worked well until this morning when, shortly after I woke up, it decided to start the rebooting all over again.


Sometimes, if I hold the vol down button, it will break the reboot cycle and actually allow me to  use my phone like (somewhat) normal.  However, at ny random moment it can (and often will) reboot itself and start it all over again.


Can anyone offer any suggestions?  I've been googling fixes since this began and am now at the point of just trying to run the battery out, recharge it, and hoping that that may potentially fix the issue (its a fix I read about, and its about what I've got left).  Honestly, I think there was a problem withthe last update and that it's causing this.  Sadly, due to the lockdown, I can't just hoof it down to the local vodafone shop and see if they can look int it for me.

Can anyone offer me some advice?  The thought of being phoneless until things are allowed to open up in May or June isn't exactly a pleasant one.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DanMcCollum 


It sounds like you have already tried a factory reset, there may be additional information here: Device Guides 


If the phone is constantly rebooting you have a phone fault and will need to be sent for repair, if the phone came direct from Vodafone, you will have a 2 years warranty on the device.  Follow this link: Repairs 

Alternatively, speak directly to Huawei here: Huawei Support 



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