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Unlock My Phone Now Please

2: Seeker

Hello. When I purcahsed my phone I was told that I would be able to use any SIM. Of course, when the phone arrived it turned out to be locked which means I cannot use it with my alternative SIM. I contacted 191 on February 25th who directed me to NUC "resolutions". 191 told me just to send an email. NUC responded and asked for the form to be fully filled in, which I did. After another 48 hours NUC told me I needed to be with Vodafone 30 days before then can provide a code. I explained that this was unacceptable as when I was sold the phone I was assured I would be able to use any SIM straight away, or request one from them. I was then passed on to Customer Services, a nice chap called Joseph, who told me he would call back. He didn't. Back through to 191. Another person promising to help. Told me he could guarantee the phone would be unlocked by the 21st March, or maybe 22nd (his words - "maybe"). I left it a few days more. Still not unlocked. Last Thursday I spoke to Customer Services again, Russell. He promised that he would fix this. I shouldn't worry. He'll call me back to make sure it's fixed on Sunday at the latest. No Cal Back. Monday 3rd April. 191 -> Customer Services -> Resolutions.... guess what. A promise from Lisa at the Customer Resolutions Center that I need to be patient - just another 48 hours.

I have a code. The code doesn't work. Is this because Vodafone or Samsung won't let me use the code or is it because the code is wrong. It seems the only people who can answer the question are the NUC team. No one else seems to be able to help. The NUC team seem to be stuck in a loop of "you have to be with us for 30 days". I have been with you longer than 30 days.

This is appalling. I have registered a complaint. FIrstly you promise I can use an alternative SIM when I purchased the phone and this is incorrect. Secondly you have promised repreatedly, via different Customer Service representatives to call me back... but you don't. Absolutely appalling. It is only now that I Have come to your forum and I read the same comments over and over and over again... how do you get away with this?

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17: Community Champion



I'm not surprised your feeling unimpressed with and frustrated if that's the info given to you. 


Phones supplied directly by Vodafone are locked to their network. 


To unlock on payg as your aware it's 30 days usage meaning sending texts and making calls etc. 


For Pay Monthly it's x3 bills paid on time. 


I'm not sure that can be circumvented. 


Perhaps let the Vodafone Team here catch up with your thread and I'm sure they will help you with this situation too if they can. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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2: Seeker

Hi Bandofbrothers. Thanks for reading my waffle, and I appreciate your comments.


The real problem for me is that I wasn't aware of these restrictions. I explicitly asked when I was buying the phone and the chat rep at the time assures me I could use a different network sim. And, besides, if I couldn't, I could request the unlock code or return the phone.

I propose that the chat rep is so keen to sell that they don't consider the Customer repercussions. I called and told Vodafone that I wish to cancel within my 30 day period if I can't use the phone with a different sim but they keep telling me that I will be able to. If what you are saying is true, then they have all lied to me. This is all in my account notes. Every time I try and cancel they promise me they will sort it out. But they can't. And now I've read through other posts on this forum it is clear there is a systemic issue regarding communication with the NUC "resolutions" team.


Would love to hear from Vodafone through this chat if possible.


Tomorrow I will cancel. No more broken promises.


Thanks again for your thoughts.

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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with our team directly so we can help get this sorted for you.



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2: Seeker

This is how Vodafone operate get used to it. When I get away from them that will be it!!! Thank the lord 🎶🎶📣🎼🎸🔔♥️🎇🎆🎉🌞

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@Jim53 We really wouldn't like to see you leave us :Crying_Face: I've replied to your other thread here.

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