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Vodafone AppBox app query...PLS HELP!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi there.

I've recently bought a used Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G phone for a third-party reseller.

I was told that he got the phone from Vodafone as unlocked and has never used it since as it was a secondary/emergency device.

When i was setting up the phone at home i noticed a welcome splash screen from Vodafone and this Vodafone App Box which was pre-installed.

I'm very picky with the phones i'm buying and disliked any network bloat. So, I wanted to ask:

1. Can I uninstall or disable the Vodafone App Box app from the phone?

If there a way to totally remove it from the phone?

If Yes - can i also remove the Vodafone splash screen?

2. Is there a way to de-bloat the phone without going to a shop and instead using a PC or third-party app?

3. Would there be any issue that the phone would be sending back my info to Vodafone? 

Please kindly advice. Cheers. 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is part of the phone set up procedure and a list of recommended applications,  if you don't want them just turn them off.  See here

Follow the prompts to complete the set up and the splash screen will stop.

Thank you for the response. But that didn't actually helped.

When you go to Apps > Vodafone AppBox - there is no such thing as "Deactivate" or "Personal Date" amongst the choices under the app.

All i can see is clear cache and clear date and disable. I am still not able to completely delete it.

Any other suggestions?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes you can.  Go to battery on the App, you can disable from there.

It would appear I can disable the app. But I still can't uninstall it.

And how about the welcome splash screen when you first set up the phone? How can i get rid of that?

Hi @gino76ph Looking into the Privacy Policy for Vodafone App Box, it's stated that you may submit deletion and access requests through the following process: Go to Settings -> Apps -> Application List -> [Vodafone Appbox] -> Personal Data. I hope this helps. The privacy policy can be accessed here

Hi Lucy_F. As I stated in my earlier response i could not find the "Personal Data". That is not available in the Samsung phone i'm currently using. And i'm not with Vodafone. I am with Three.

Any advice please?