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Alcatel 3l not texting iPhones

1: Seeker

My Alcatel 3L will not send texts to iPhones. This has been going on for months and several lengthy calls and online chats to Vodafone have not been able to resolve it. I've done soft reboot, hard reboot, taken the SIM out and checked the call centre number is correct. Please can someone suggest what I can do?!

To be clear, I can:

  • receive texts from iPhones
  • send texts to other android phones
  • receive texts from other android phones
  • send and receive using WhatsApp

I can't:

  • send texts to iPhones!!!

It's my work phone and it's really causing a problem.

Thanks :Smiling: 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Bellingham, this is a really strange issue. When your text to an iPhone user fails, do you see an error message? If so, what does this say? Also, can you confirm if the issue only happens to people on a specific network, or if it's all networks that it happens on.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for replying.

When I try to send the message says 'Trouble Sending. Check options.' With the first part in red and the second in blue. If I click Check Options it just has a choice of Retry or Delete.

I've tried sending to iPhones on O2/GiffGaff and EE networks so its not the network.

And thoughts? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for confirming this @Bellingham. As this is happening when sending messages to just iPhones connected via different numbers to different networks, the one common factor in all the failed messages is your phone. Have you tried factory resetting it? This will clear any bugs from the software and help us rule this out of our investigation. Before you do the factory reset, don't forget to back up anything you don't want to lose, as this will wipe your phone.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

To add to the replies from @Mark 

to clarify you are using Vodafone message application and not Google Messaging? If you have Google chat turned on or RCS turn this off.  This will force the phone to send as SMS.  The phones you are message more than likely have i messaging turned on to and this may be the cause of the problems.

Also see device guides here: Alcatel Device Guides