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Voice Control to Answer a Telephone Call and Other Questions

4: Newbie

I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro Max from a Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


I have limited physical movement and one feature I require that's missing from iOS is the ability to answer a call using my voice.


On the Mate 20 Pro, under accessibility options, you can toggle an option on to enable voice control, say "answer call" and the telephone automatically answers the call, as well as initiating the speaker.


I have previously tried, and subsequently returned, the P40 Pro and the Oppo Find X2 Pro, both for the same reason, the lack of this priceless feature.


There are two other reasons I am considering returning the iPhone:


there's no location-based phone lock


there's no way to separate the ringer volume from the notification volume


Some notification sounds are deafening and if you lower the volume to ensure they're more reasonable, it's much harder to hear the handset actually ringing.


Really basic functions in my opinion, missing from a handset that costs over a grand.


I'm running out of options and can't keep returning handsets indefinitely. Can anyone recommend a handset that has all three of these options as standard please? Would a Note 20 or S20 owner would be kind enough to look for me at the accessibility options on Samsung?


I'll assume every android handset can separate the volume of ringer and notification. the important option is the ability to answer calls using my voice.

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4: Newbie

To setup on a iPhone:

Go to: Settings - Accessibility - Touch - Call Audio Routing - Auto-Answer Calls


To answer on speaker you need to do the following as well:

Go to: Settings - Accessibility - Call Audio Routing - Speaker


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4: Newbie

Thank you for your reply @Broker-Man😉.


I've already enabled the speaker function when answering a call, that's a great option.


I'm aware of the auto answer option but, it doesn't work in the same way as voice control.


Using your advice means every call is answered and like most people, I may not necessarily want or need to speak to everyone.


I will try it out in the short term but, it isn't a long term solution🤔.


Thanks again for your advice😊.

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