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Wifi outage on Sony Xperia XZPremium

1: Seeker

I am constantly losing my WiFi signal despite a signal being shown and other devices working perfectly well. Sony say this is a known problem and has been resolved by the latest software - The affected software versions are 47.1.A.12.34 or earlier on Android 8.0. I am on 47.1.A.12. 270. You have just raised our data usage because we have tried to avoid outage by switching to data (with little success). When can we have this problem solved? The phone is not fit for purpose at present so I object to paying a premium rate for a distinctly non-premium service. Can we expect a refund as well as a having the problem dealt with? 

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I'm sorry to hear your phone is having difficulty connecting to your WiFi service @Arobanyone. If there is an issue with the phone's software, performing a factory reset should eliminate this. Before you reset your phone, please back up anything you don't want to a PC or laptop.

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