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alarm clock icon

4: Newbie

I have a galaxy s7 edge. Last night my alarm went off at 00:30, I couldn't turn it off eventually I had to switch my phone off. Checked this morning and I've no alarms set via the clock on my phone. I'm still left with the alarm icon at the top of my screen despite there being no alarms set, anyone got any ideas?

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17: Community Champion

That's weird @Brian2412


If their isn't anything to clear in the clock app preferences then....

Try going into Settings-Apps-Clock-Storage-Clear Apps and Data. 


Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Brian2412


Are you sure you don't have an alarm of some sort set, this does not necesarily mean your clock, it can mean your calendar or an application and it will be a matter of finding the application where you may have accidentally set an alarm.


You will probably find force starting the clock application won't remove any alarms.

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17: Community Champion

When you refer to the alarm icon, I assume you mean the one that appears at the top of the screen along with signal strength, battery etc to indicate that an alarm is set?   AFAIK, a calendar reminder doesn't show there and simply appears as a notification on the pull-down when it goes off, with a sound if that's enabled.

In the first instance, you could try setting another alarm and see what appears in the staus bar - is it a second clock alarm icon, or does it use the same one?   Is it a different icon? (if it is, the alarm isn't coming from the clock).  If it's the same, and doesn't add an icon, now cancel the alarm you just set.  If we're very lucky, that'll fix it.   If not, then clearing data in the clock app would be the next step.

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