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Samsung J6 Wifi Calling

Hello,My wife and I have just moved house, sadly it has limited coverage. I had been with O2/BT Cellnet since the 1990s, having checked Vodafone's coverage checker we have started new contracts with Vodafone (purchased through CPW) and the new Samsun...

Call recording

Hi, how do I go about obtaining the recording of a phone conversation of a sale of a new phone on the upgrades line please?  Thank you

Unlocking a Galaxy S7

My older son has given his phone (samsung 7) to my younger son as he has upgraded. My younger son has an EE pay monthly sim card. When you turn the phone on it says SIM network pin blocked. Enter sim network puk. I have the puk code from EE but it is...

Mrsgus by 2: Seeker
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Can't send text messages

I have a Huawei p smart and 2g coverage is shown as good in my area. I use Vodafone's message + too. I'm able to receive texts but cannot send. Also the contact is shown as Sms only. Please help its a real pain not sending texts. I have restarted my ...

Live chat transcript

Is it possible to retrieve a live chat transcript once the window shut, i was in process of an upgrade and it shut down.

A5474 by 1: Seeker
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Wi-Fi Calling on Google Pixel 2XL

Hi All,I have recently joined Vodafone, getting the new Google Pixel 2XL. Love the phone, but was very disappointed to find that for some reason Voda don't support it for wi-fi calling. There seem to be numerous threads about this (wish I had checked...

Paget76 by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone smart mini 7 - saving apps to my SD card

Hi, I'm just getting confused on how I can move any apps to a new SD card (30GB). Really need step by step guide as the user manual doesn't give this information. I can't receive any texts at the moment as all my internal storage is used up. Also can...

scoop247 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Galaxy S7 Blurred Homescreen

When I press the Apps icon to access my apps the background/wallpaper becomes blurry. I have tried changing my wallpaper with stock themes and my own photos, but the problem remains.  Can anyone offer me any help please, or tell me what I have done w...

Huawei memory is poor

Hi all. I've had my huawei p8 lite 2017 for just over a year. I'm not able to update it anymore as it does not have enough storage available? Even after deleting all the apps that I installed when getting the phone. I've put it back to factory settin...