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can Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro take 2 SIMs PLUS a microSD card ?

2: Seeker

Vodafone shop has sold me a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro on the understanding that it is a dual-SIM phone which in addition to 2 SIMs can also take a microSD card (of up to 1024GB).

This the Vodafone "Full Specification" says:  "Dual SIM" and "microSD up to 1024GB".


But I see on other sites that the second SIM slot is a shared SIM/microSD card slot and it's an either/or:   either 2 SIM cards or one SIM card and a microSD card.

Can anyone tell me which is the case?
- 2 SIMs + a microSD;  or

- 1 SIM + either a microSD card or another SIM ?


Thanks ....

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17: Community Champion

Hi @qsecofr 


It's as you thought.

You can have two sims inside or one sim and one SD CARD looking at the two links and some YouTube instructional videos on how to insert the sim and SD Card.  states " SIM 1 + Hybrid (SIM or MicroSD )

And states " Hybrid Dual SIM microSDXC (uses shared SIM slot)

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