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I am not getting 4G signal on my Iphone7, joined Vodafone since 5 days bringing my number

3: Seeker

Hi All,

I wonder if you can help me since 191 operators are not willing to:

I recently joined Vodafone bringing the number from my old provider and since the day it was moved onto the new Vodafone SIM I am not able to get 4G signal in my IPhone 7.

I have already called 191 three times so far, going through all the settings and resetting everything I could over the phone. In particular:

1. APN settings are ok, I tried both the ones reported in the website for Pay as you go customers (, userID and pw.: wap) and the ones I was told over the phone (, userID and pw.: web). Of course the voice & data setting is set to 4G

2. I tried to select manually the carrier, eventually changing to another one and the selecting Vodafone UK

3. they apparently tried to reset my Big Bundle stopping data use and then allowing it again

4. I have 3G signal but sometimes it is struggling speedwise, calls are fine apparently.

5. this is happening everywhere I go, where I live (London) 4G service is fully operational and I have another phone with Vodafone SIM and 4G signal


This is happening since my number has been brought to the new SIM, I have tried the same SIM with the temporary number before the migration and I did have 4G signal.

Browsing the internet I noticed that few customers had similar issues related to the PORT SPLITTING that must be set in my account correctly by Vodafone, I referred this to 191 but I was just told that probably the issue is either in my phone (never had the issue with the old provider) or in the SIM (please see above).


Is someone so kind to give me any hint on how to solve the issue or how to contact Vodafone technical team to sort out the issue?


Many thanks in advance.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Pitchnerz


Can you try your sim card in another phone.


And another known to be working sim card in your phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone from the equation. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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3: Seeker


thanks for your reply, I just swapped the two Vodafone SIMs from the Iphone7 to a Nokia Lumia and viceversa, now I have 4G service in the first one, while in the Lumia I have H or H+ signal (it should be 2G I reckon).

Thanks again

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3: Seeker

Hi @BandOfBrothers,

do you think a new SIM could solve the issue?

Thanks again in advance.

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Hi @Pitchnerz, i'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your 4G after porting over to us. 

If this is a Split Port as you say, we'll need to look into this with you. I've sent you a private message on how you can contact our team directly.


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