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Vodafone Chat 655/655W Software Upgrade

2: Seeker

This my second posting on this subject of Software Upgrade for the Vodafone Chat 655/655W as no single tech person of your team has replied on this subject.


This was originally posted over a week ago.


Will one of your tech guys get back to me on this. :manfrustrated:



Thank you again for sorting out the Vodafone PC Suite for the Vodafone Chat. Is there a Software Upgrade Tool avaliable for checking for upgrades for the Vodafone Chat 655/655W Software. This is because recently the phone as begun to drop out of installed applications like Facebook, and installed games and returning to the menu.


We took the phone to a Vodafone shop near us and the assistant told us the phone needs a software upgrade and that he could send the phone away for it to be done at no charge.


Checking the User manual available is says on page 58 (21.2 Vodafone Chat 655/655W Software Upgrade) that the Software Upgrade Tool can be downloaded from the website ( but on going to this I find only the user manuals in various languages and the Vodafone PC Suite.


Therefore when will the Software Upgrade Tool for the Vodafone Chat 655/655W be available to download or do we need to have the phone sent away for the software to be upgraded.


Yours faithfully


Rob Dutton

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