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Vodafone has reached maximum amount of customers...

4: Newbie

.. and can't sign new contracts.


On 28th of November I have placed an order for SIM only offer for the first time. Got order number, but then it turned out that my order was "placed incorrectly". I've been asked to place another order on 30th of November - so I did. Got order number etc. Today I have checked what is the status, and guess what! My order was placed incorrectly again! I am wondering how I managed to get Fiber Broadband - I must be a lucky man. Here is my chat transcript with Vodafone representatives:

Regarding to first order:

 The following is a record of your online chat.

General Info
Chat start time 	 November 30, 2017 12:20:47 PM EST
Chat end time 	 November 30, 2017 12:53:07 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 	 00:32:19
Operator 	 Kelly

Chat Transcript
Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us.  An agent will be with you shortly.
Info: You're now chatting with Mia.
Mia: Hello, you're chatting with Mia your Vodafone online sales specialist.

Kamil: Hi
Mia: Hi Kamil

Kamil: On 28th I have ordered sim only contract
Kamil: And received confirmation that you have to do credit check first
Kamil: WEB-*****
Kamil: This my order no.
Kamil: I'll be on holidays in next few days and unfortunately my PAC will expire on 10th of December
Kamil: Also my last day of my current contract is 11th
Kamil: If there is any problem with processing my order then I'd like to cancel it.
Mia: Hi Kamil - greetings of the day.

I understand you wish to know if your order has been accepted or not.

We will certainly help you with the confirmation on that

Mia: And it will be really unfortunate to see in case you decide to cancel it.

Mia: Kamil I am from new connections team - so I am unable to track the order

Mia: But our customer service team can

Mia: So let me get them at your service

Mia: In this very chat session

Kamil: Ok
Mia: Please stay connected do not end the chat.

Kamil: I am waiting there then
Info: Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Info: You're now chatting with Pratiksha.
Pratiksha: Hello, you're chatting with Pratiksha. Let me go through the conversation you've had with the representative who transferred your chat to me.

Kamil: Ok
Pratiksha: Good afternoon, Kamil

Kamil: Good afternoon Pratiksha
Pratiksha: Please do not worry I will get the order status checked for you .

Pratiksha: Is the number 0758306XXXX ?

Kamil: That's correct
Pratiksha: Thank you for the information , let me locate the account for you .

Pratiksha: Just to confirm order number is WEB-*****

Kamil: Yes it is
Pratiksha: Thank you , let me get the information checked .

Pratiksha: In order to resolve your query I'll need to verify your details for security purposes. Let me ask you a few questions in order to assist you.

Kamil: Ok
Pratiksha: Could you please tell me the name registered on your account?

Kamil: Kamil XXXX
Pratiksha: Great !

Pratiksha: For verification purpose, may I please take the 1st and the 4th digits of your Vodafone account pin number?

Kamil: XX
Pratiksha: Perfect! That matches our system records.

Pratiksha: I am checking that for you. It might take 2-3 minutes to do that. Is that fine with you?

Kamil: Yes
Pratiksha: Meantime, how was your day so far ?

Kamil: Not bad, spent half of a day traveling
Pratiksha: Great ! kamil

Pratiksha: I am sorry for the delay but due to some technical issues the order the not gone through correctly .

But please don't worry we have a team who can sort this out for you.

Info: Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Info: You're now chatting with Kelly.
Kamil: Hi Kelly
Kelly: Hello, you're chatting with Kelly your Vodafone online sales specialist.

Kelly: Hi Kamil

Kelly: Hope you are well today!

Kamil: How are you.
Kamil: Yes, thanks
Kelly: I am doing good thank you Kamil ☺3

Kelly: I have gone through your earlier chat and understand the order which you have placed earlier was not captured in our system, hence you need to place the order again, I would be glad to help you now to complete the order smoothly and successfully now.

Kamil: Ok
Kelly: However, make sure you follow all the order steps and reply on each and every order step, okay?

Kamil: Ok
Kelly: May I know, which deal are you looking to order?

Kamil: Sim only 12 months for £13.50
Kelly: Great!

Kelly: I would send you the link and help you order this deal 

Kamil: 5gb internet + 500mins including roaming
Kelly: Click here to start the order.

Kelly: let me know once the page opens, please

Kamil: It is opened
Kelly: Now continue with the online order process.

Kelly: let me know if you have questions. I am right here.

Kamil: Should I login to my account?
Kelly: Are you an existing customer on contract?

Kamil: Yes with broadband
Kelly: Yes you can login and continue with the online order.

Kamil: I have received text that you are processing my order
Kamil: Exactly the same like last time
Kelly: Great!

Kelly: WEB-***** is the order number.

Kamil: WEB-*****
Kelly: This time you wouldn't face issues. Please be rest assured about it.

Kamil: Yes
Kelly: Congratulations for your online order today with us!​

Kelly: The additional line will be added to your existing account and will fall onto the next billing cycle. Also, to keep you informed your next month’s bill will cover your first full month's charge, which is always in advance, plus a few extra days while we set up the additional line.

Kelly: For help to get you started, please visit us at Please visit for full Terms & Conditions

Kamil: Thank you.
Kelly: Your order will be with you within 1-2 working days. We aim to deliver it as soon as possible and many times, by next day. You will be able to track your order at

Kelly: Thanks for your patience and understanding, Kamil

Kelly: Hope you are well today!

Kamil: Yes I am, thanks
Kelly: Thanks 

Kelly: Do you have any other questions for me where I can help you further?

Kamil: No, that's all. Thanks
Kamil: Looking forward for contact with Vodafone then
Kamil: Regarding to credit check
Kelly: You would. Please be rest assured.

Kelly: you would be contacted about the information soon.

Kamil: Ok.
Kamil: Have a good evening.
Kelly: You too!

Kelly: Thanks for contacting Vodafone.

Kelly: Bye! Cheers!

Kamil: Bye

Regarding to second order:

General Info
Chat start time 	 December 4, 2017 10:14:35 AM EST
Chat end time 	 December 4, 2017 10:44:56 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 	 00:30:20
Operator 	 Vivek

Chat Transcript
Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us.  An agent will be with you shortly.
Info: You're now chatting with Tina.
Kamil: Hi Tina
Tina: Hello, you're chatting with Tina your Vodafone online sales specialist.

Tina: Hi Kamil

Tina: how was your day so far?

Kamil: I'd like to ask what is the status of WEB-*****
Kamil: not bad thanks
Tina: No problem, I will help you with that

Tina: Let me check the details for you

Tina: Stay connected

Kamil: ok
Tina: I'm from the new sales team actually, so I don't have access to customer accounts due to security reasons. Let me transfer this chat to Customer Service. They can assist you with this. In future, to save your time, you can get in touch with our customer services team directly by selecting the correct option from the ��Contact Us�� page on our website by Clicking Here

Info: Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Info: You're now chatting with Bishal.
Kamil: ok
Bishal: Hi Kamil!

Kamil: Hi Bishal
Kamil: how are you?
Bishal: How are you doing today?

Bishal: I'm doing good. Thanks for asking.

Kamil: Im good too
Kamil: thanks
Bishal: Glad to know that. You're welcome.

Bishal: Just a moment while I locate your account details.

Kamil: ok
Bishal: Could you please tell me the name registered on your account?

Kamil: Kamil XXXX
Thanks for confirming that.

Bishal: Let's quickly do a security check.

Kamil: ok
Bishal: For security reasons, could you please confirm the 2nd and 3rd digit of your PIN?

Kamil: XX
Bishal: Perfect!

Bishal: That matches our records! Thank you for verifying your details.

Bishal: Kindly bear with me while I check your account details. I appreciate your patience.

Bishal: Thanks for being online, Kamil.

Bishal: I see that you've placed an order on 30/11/2017 by your own through eshop.

Bishal: Am I correct?

Kamil: yes
Kamil: I'd like to ask what is the status of that
Kamil: because on 10th of December my PAC code will expire
Kamil: whilst my contract will end on 11th
Bishal: Oops! I'd like to inform you that it was not placed successfully.

Kamil: look
Kamil: I placed this order twice
Kamil: for the first time it was on 28th of November
Kamil: and then one of your representatives told me that there were problems
Kamil: and canceled it
Bishal: Yes, you must have missed some information while placing an order, that is the reason it was not completed.

Kamil: and ask me to place an order one more time
Kamil: now, you are telling me the same
Kamil: what information
Kamil: there was no information about errors
Kamil: the only information given was, that you have to do the credit check
Kamil: I am disappointed really.
Bishal: Kamil, you can also place an order by dialing 08080408408, they are our dedicated team over the call.

Kamil: Yuu guys are wasting my time, and do everything to not sign a contract with me.
Kamil: no, I am not going to call anywhere
Kamil: its a joke
Bishal: I understand your situation and please do not worry, we'll sort this for you.

Kamil: yes, how?
Kamil: I am not going to place an order for the third time
Kamil: I have been assured on 30th of November that this time everything will be fine.
Bishal: Let me connect you to our sales team, so that they can help you with that.

Kamil: and it is not again
Kamil: and nobody knows why
Bishal: Please do not worry, they are our dedicated team and they must have information why the order was not sucessfully placed.

Kamil: ok
Kamil: I am waiting
Bishal: They'll also help you with the best deals and offers.

Bishal: Thanks for your patience.

Bishal: Please stay connected while I connect you to our sales team.

Info: Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Info: You're now chatting with Florence.
Kamil: Hi Florence
Kamil: Could you please tell me what is the problem with my order for the second time in a row?
Florence: Hi Kamil

Florence: Let me connect you with the correct team who can tell you about your order as being from sales team we do not have the information on that

Info: Please wait while you’re being transferred to the appropriate team.
Info: You're now chatting with Vivek.
Kamil: lol
Kamil: Hi Vivek
Vivek: Hello, you're chatting with Vivek. Let me go through the conversation you've had with the representative who transferred your chat to me.

Kamil: Maybe you can help
Vivek: I would try my best to help you. please allow me a minute to locate your account.

Vivek: May I have the order number for the new connection order?

Kamil: WEB-*****
Vivek: Thank you for the details. I have checked, and your order has not processed that are placed on your account,

Kamil: ok, but what is the problem.
Kamil: I have been assured that this time it will be fine
Vivek: It is not been placed properly, and hence, it is not processed for delivery.

Kamil: it is my second attempt
Kamil: how this could not be placed properly if there were no errors
Vivek: I am sorry but I would suggest to take a new connection order directly from any Vodafone store.

Kamil: I have order number
Kamil: lol
Kamil: I have to go to the vodafone store?
Vivek: I agree, but it has not been submitted properly, and hence it has not been processed.

Kamil: so what if I go to the store and they will not submit it properly?
Vivek: They would as you can get the handset and sim right then and there.

Kamil: oh my god.
Kamil: it is embarrassing
Kamil: however thanks.
Vivek: I am sorry but as you mentioned your pac code is going to expire soon, so I am just trying to make things easy for you.

Kamil: could you please remove that order from my account?
Vivek: Yes, sure, I would request to removal of both orders from your account.

Kamil: thank you
Kamil: have a good day.
Vivek: You are welcome.

Vivek: Thank you for contacting Vodafone.
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@horiz0n - This doesn’t sound good at all. So we can look into what’s happening, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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