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Router and SOGEA adapter never delivered

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have had broadband contracts with Vodafone for the past 4 years, but I'm very unhappy with them at the moment and am on the verge of cancelling the latest contract.

My Fibre 2 was activated on 8th June with the new router and SOGEA adapter expected to be delivered on 5th June, but this never arrived and still hasn't. I'm still using the original router but of course I've had no landline for nearly 2 weeks now.

I've had 2 phone calls and an online chat with Vodafone employees to try and get these items shipped, but it's been a waste of time. Each time it shows on my account, that only the SOGEA adapter (no router) had been ordered and each time, a few days later, showing each order had been cancelled, why?

I've already made a complaint, but that will take them ages to sort and the 14 days no fee cancellation period is nearly up, so unless I can some answers by Thursday I will have option than to cancel and go with another broadband provider.  




Hi @Allen1826. It's disappointing to see your concerns raised regarding the undelivered VoIP adapter and WiFi Hub. We understand the importance of keeping connected, especially after nearly two weeks of not being able to use your home phone. This isn't the smooth experience we wanted you to have, nor the service that we strive for here at Vodafone. 

As we don't have access to your Vodafone account via the Community, we wouldn't be able to shed light on why the VoIP adapter and WiFi Hub requests were and are being cancelled. To move forward, we would recommend getting in touch with our Home Broadband team to discuss this further, especially as this is account specific. 

Just a side note, if you've already raised a complaint and received complaint acknowledgement with an accompanying reference number, to ensure that your case is resolved as efficiently as possible we would advise to get in touch with our Complaints team directly - if this is the case, please have your complaint reference number to hand. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


I don't know what you think a SOGEA adapter is, but Vodafone are unlikely to send you one.

Do you perhaps mean the so-called VoIP adapter?

Not everyone who upgrades from FTTC to FTTP gets a new router. (and it isn't obvious why some do and some don't)

If you have the THG3000 router that is fine for either FTTC or FTTP.

So that just leaves the the adapter so you can plug your phone into the router. They can be purchased on line easily, but yes Vodafone should provide one.

Try live chat and ask for a VoIP adapter, and you should be sent one. The problem with the previous ones may be they are being ordered with the router, and you don't need the router.

If your current phone has an RJ11 socket on it, you should be able to remove the BT type cable and replace it with the old DSL cable you were using on FTTC.


How to set up my home phone  | Vodafone UK


Is the PHONE LED lit on your router?



I know that a VoIP adapter means the same as a SOGEA but on my original order it stated that a router and SOGEA had been dispatched and should arrive on 5th June, obviously they didn't and never have done. After phoning first time it was said that I may only need a VoIP adapter and so went with that. It never arrived and 2 more chats to send it again came to nothing, and showing on my account all orders have now been cancelled, why I've no idea so it's not worth going down that route again. As old school I'm not sure what FTTC and FTTP are but I've upgraded to Fibre 2. I have a HHG2500 router that has 2 grey coloured phone ports that have been covered up and no phone LED light.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As you have a HHG2500, then yes you do need a new router.

The SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is not the adapter, it's the service you will go on to, instead of the BT wholesale one you have been using till now. (not that, as a consumer, you need to know that)

So are you using the HHG2500 connected to the ONT?

OK thanks for the info, I assumed SOGEA was an item because it was supposed to be out for delivery, no wonder it was cancelled!

As I said I'm old school so can you tell me what ONT stands for, router is connected to the master BT socket.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

ONT (Optical network termination (or terminal)) is the "box" in the house for FTTP (Fibre to the property (or premises))

If you are connected to the BT/Openreach telephone socket you are using FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband.

With FTTP, the telephone connection has to be digital. (VoIP) (Voice over I.P.)

The previous method for providing broadband to the home was FTTC or VDSL (Very high-speed digital subscriber lines )  - they are the same thing basically

The telephone part of that connection was provided by the PSTN (Public switched telephone network) what we have always known as the telephone.

However the PSTN is being switched off in 2025, and in readiness for that FTTC connections are going over to digital (VoIP), but rather than try to do them all at once, they are being done as and when a new service is started or an existing one is upgraded/renewed.

I'm not sure from your post what has triggered it for you? What were you on before Fibre 2?

As you can see from the above, the telecommunications world does like it's abbreviations, I think it's to keep the amateurs out. LOL


If any of that is still confusing, just ask. Once you can understand just what is occurring, sorting problems like yours becomes easier, as you can at least use the right terms when you contact them. (Doesn't mean they will understand)


I've finally received my new router and VoIP adapter thanks to the complaints team.  It is a THG3000 router and everything is up and running apart from, yes, the landline. The LED on the phone port is permanently red, so still no landline. The complaints team know about it but are not getting back to me until Monday. So if anybody knows what the reason could be for this please let me know.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Allen1826  This has been seen before and in those threads the result seems to be with VF doing something at their end.

OK thanks for your reply. I thought that might the issue but can't phone them or chat online because it's being dealt with by complaints.