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Broadband update went terribly wrong

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I was on FTTH fibrecity 500 broadband. Tuesday i should be upgraded to 900.. The broadband went down for whole day. I think ok according to Vodafone text it might be down till midnight I am waiting patiently. Today it’s still down and I am on the chat with service desk. 1st line - reset, factory reset nothing, escalated 

2nd line - reset, factory reset escalated to on-site engineer to test line. Thank god site engineer came same day said the line is absolutely fine. Another call to SD and the lady said that she is pushing config to the modem again as the on site did something and she can see it ok. It has been 3h now and the modem is still dead. 
I am bit worried that the next step will be to send me a new modem. Only thing what worries me is that I got also second 3rd party router which is also unable to connect via pppoe protocol so I am worried that replacing the router will not help at all and I will waste another days. Just to be clear all trouble shooting I am performing on Vodafone modem to establish base connection.
Any idea how to help this folks to establish base issue?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@m0le  It's quite common that the PPPoE credentials are wrong. Are you seeing anything about logon failure in the router log? Another VF customer had to ask support 6 times before they gave the correct credentials.

I have asked if the password would changed and they give me exact the same login detailed what I was using before so I don’t think this details would change

the log from pppoe don’t provide unfortunately any error from trying to connect only time out

4: Newbie

Just to be clear, are you doing the troubleshooting, factory resets etc, with the original Vodafone provided router ? If so what model is it ?

Yes with the oryginał Vodafone router THG3000 wifi hub