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Broadband connection

Can't connect internet to Roku or Firestick. Phones/PC connection OK. - New customer

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Hi all, wondering if anyone has any guidance here.


I'm a new Vodafone Broadband customer and got the router set up easily. All looks good there, the white lights appear on: power / internet / WiFi. 

My laptop and phone are connected fine, and WiFi is working well there.


However, I cannot get my Roku or my Amazon FireStick to connect to the internet. They both say they are connected, and are seeing "fair" signal strength, but when I check the connection or try to open any apps, it says there is no internet. The TV and the router are in the same room - about 3 meters away from each other.


I've tried:

  • Turning on/off and resetting the router
  • Resetting the streaming devices
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi
  • Pressing the WiFi button on the router (not sure what that does, but tried it anyway)
  • Double/Triple checking the password
  • Creating guest WiFi and connecting to that instead
  • Changing the IP address to a static IP + changing the last numbers of the IP address (this was actually a trick I had to do in order to get my phones to connect and stop saying "connected without internet")
  • Tried connecting via WPS as well - that also doesn't work 

Nothing is working. It always connects, and then says there is no internet.


I followed the help steps on the Vodafone website but nothing has worked. The only thing I couldn't try was the suggestion to check my content settings. When I go trough those steps I never see content settings. Tapping on "My account controls" in my account just displays the message "There’s nothing we can show you. We’re not able to show you any information here."


Needless to say this is very frustrating. We're pretty new customers so I understand that the speeds in the first days might be variable, but there's no reason I can see why the internet would be working on all my devices except those connected to the TV.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @AshRC, apologies for the delay in our response. Have you downloaded the My Vodafone Broadband app and gone to WiFi devices? If so, does it appear there?

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3: Seeker

I also have a Roku that does not see the SSID from the Vodafone router.

It will not appear in WiFi Devices in the app if it is not trying to connect to the router.

On the Roku, you can see every other network in the neighbourhood.  But not Vodafone.

This is attached to a SmartTV which has inbuilt WiFi and connects to the Vodafone router.  And another device also connects ... signal strength is fine.   There's a ChromeCast on the floor above and that also is fine.

I was told to change DNS on my router to point to Google DNS by a Vodafone Engineer.  And that this is their 'fix' for the problem.   Somehow this magically makes the SSID visible to the Roku?  :amazed: (but this won't fix your problem)

The issue is likely to be caused by the router WiFi being stuck on channel 13.  The only way out of that given the current interface and lack of channel settings in the Vodafone app .. is to replace the router.  Or connect a second Access Point to the router.

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3: Seeker

I have connected my Roku to the home network.

1.  Buy a cheap TPLink Extender

2.  Set it up in Access Point mode with a different SSID

3.  Wire it into the Vodafone Router.

4.  Search for Networks on the Roku and FireTV and it works straightaway.

(Luckily I had a TPLink Extender that I was trying to use as an extender - but it works better than the Vodafone Router, so I'll keep it in AP mode.


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