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Can't connect to WiFi booster

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi, I've  just switched over to Vodafone broadband and all works OK  BUT  I've paired the booster, netgear N300, to the router but when I try to connect a device to the booster  ,EXT network , its keeps saying i've entered the wrong password. 

I'm not computer savvy and disabled so please go easy on the replies 

Thanks o



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Bad typo. Too late to edit:

You have to set a different password from the router in extender mode. Repeater mode keep the router's wifi password. 

just to refesh

I've got access to 2 vodafone networks

vodafone ??????  which provides wifi to most of the house - sky q connected , smart tv connected and tablets and mobiles connected all using the standard 16 digit password from the base of the router

the other network showing is vodafone ??????_EXT this the NETGEAR WIFI RANGE EXTENDER WN3000RPV, if i try to connect a device to this network with the supplied password it rejects it with an error message password (unchanged)

so how do i change the _EXT network password





16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Are you using WPS to connect your Netgear extender to the Vodafone router? (See the manual @Ripshod posted.)

If so, the Wi-fi password should be the same as the Vodafone router. Personally I would change the password in the Vodafone router to something you can easily remember just to make sure there are no typing errors.

If you are not using WPS, how are you connecting them together?


I'm using WPS to connect the netgear  extender to the router



I  contacted Vodafone earlier to day to tell them i wanted to cancel my contract as I was within the 14days period and I didn't want any more be fair to vodafone there was no issue with this request but suggested trying another package ,ultra Hub pro?? with boosters supplied for a similar price , which I can have on another 14 day period, so we'll wait and see what happens !!

on another note - I'd like to thank all of you who've tried so hard to help me resolve this issue, many thanks for help

Merry Christmas