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FTTP 900 speed and connection issue.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hey all.

If anyone has advice I'd appreciate it. 

7 plus hours of calls to VF. Online chats. Escalations. Tier 2. Specialist teams. None the wiser.

I started with pure fibre 100. Had 100 minimum up and down consistently. No issues 

200. The same. 

500. Perfect. Hitting 520 plus up and down all the time varying by a few mb either way. 


3 weeks ago. My router startered kicking everyone off the Internet. Not rebooting just cutting any signal wired and wireless. Then comes back on. Shows. No ipv4 connection available then eventually let's everything back on again. This has happened 10 times in one day at times and others 1 or 2. Sporadic. 

Online test said line issue. City fibre. It gets raised they work on it. I get a text and say all good. 

72 hours or so later. It happens again. 

This time. Apparently no line fault and the router is according to them. Fine. 

I have one lot telling me it's a line issue. Another lot saying my line is fine. 

I took the black Friday offer and went for 900mb. I barely hit 600 and at points 350 etc. Yet told my ont sync is at over 900. My router the THG3000 is connecting at 515. 🤦

I am being told my drop outs and slower speed are apparently due to me living in a brick house with brick walls and it's a WiFi issue. Weird as I've never had an issue before. 

They are refusing to send a new router to test as they say its fine as long as I get over 450. Which I've told them is sporadic and the drop outs are not due to WiFi signal.

They are sending a WiFi booster although I've never needed one and 3 of my neighbours on 900 are hitting above as I was with 500.

Router status says. 2.4 bandwidth 117. Max bw 288. Minimum sync 117.


Bandwidh 585

Max bw 2gbps

Minimum sync 585.

So what could be the reason for the drop outs and not achieving the speed or at least a decent increase to be more stable. Error logs I've been told show line issues. Yet im being told the line is fine and now it's just my WiFi signal. These people are zero help and just pass you around and conflict their stories. Now I have to run more tests later for when they call tonight. Speed test on each port on the router. Seriously banging my head against a brick wall as I had none of this 3 weeks ago until it dropped off signal wise. That was on 500 which was unbelievably stable. 

Now not so much. 

Wired and WiFi the same. 




16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Craig_47  WiFi speed measurements are unreliable, which isn't much help I know but over ethernet to the router will be useful. Now here's a tip, go to the network settings and if anything related to IP6 is on turn it off and test the speed again. 

Hey Cynric. 

No ipv6 settings activated apparently in the router settings. 

I had to run tests earlier using ethernet. 

They fluctuated from dl 370, 420, 540, 240 and ul around 270 to 330 consistently. 

They are sending a new router tomorrow apparently and then I need to keep track of it but a WiFi expert told me there is no reason why my router should just stop connecting and then start again and the ont box he said he can see in the logs two of the lights when off when it did. Meaning no connection. He is keeping the case open and having city fibre monitor the line. So until I test the new router which I have been assured will FIX ALL the issues. Which to say I'm skeptical is an understatement as this is happening on and off for 3 weeks.

When the router does kick us off to reconnect it always shows an ipv4 no address error before it connects again.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Craig_47  The IP4 no address is just during the handshake between you and VF. Good luck with the FIX. 

Thanks. I have a feeling I will need it. 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi there, 

For the last 3 days I have noticed that my F900 drops around 7pm to an average of 189Mbps tops. This is way below the guaranteed speed VF have promised. I have done the troubleshooting with their engineers but they couldn't help had to just close the chat. We were going back and forth. I know the problem is not with my router but them. In the mornings I have been getting 938Mbps. I cannot continue to work like this. I am paying for the service and they need to do their part. I am still within the 14 days so I think I am going to look for a different ISP who can guarantee me at least the minimum 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


You really need to start your own thread, tagging your post onto an ongoing thread, when the problems are completely different is not helpful.


I am sorry, I didn't think this was about who likes who contest. 1. Craig's issues resembles mine 2. Would you be happy for me to open another post and say the same thing as Craig? If you own this forum then boot me out 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Housta wrote:
If you own this forum then boot me out 

I definately don't, and so can't.

But I see no similarities in your problem (slow downs at peak times) and the OP's (loss of connection at the ONT)


Fine, so having said all that and wasted your time, was Craig's issue resolved by this back and forth? Was mine resolved? Sometimes it is okay to just ignore things and move on instead of wasting your time responding to something that is not going to improve your life. Anyway, I hope Craig's issues will be resolved and wish him the best. As for me, I am quitting Vodafone tomorrow morning