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Broadband connection

Frustratingly useless support from Vodafone

2: Seeker

I have recently started having issues with my broadband continually cutting out several times a day, I've had an engineer who found an earth fault but this still hasn't resolved it, move on to a few days later when I get a text message from Ashley from the Vodafone Directors office, statng that he was reviewing my complaint and that they would contact me shortly.


Now this Ashley person proclaimed to have certain degrees in IT but then goes on to state that the Vodafone router is only cable of supporting 4 ethernet devices at one time, suggesting that it being plugged into a network switch is the reason that my broadband is cutting out, what kind of clowns do you have working for you?


My son who lives in the next town over, also uses Vodafone, has a faultless service and is a much heavier user than I.


My son, who also works in IT, albiet without associated 'fag packet' degrees, concludes that this is a line fault, not related to anything on or behind the router as there is no way something plugged into the ethernet socket should be able to cause the broadband sync to drop.


I want a resolution to this, I don't want your advisors to tell me to go elsewhere (this has actually happened) because as it's a line fault, the fault will follow and just become someone elses problem!



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Hi @STEVENSPIBY1 I'm sure we can get your service up to the standard of your sons. As we'll need access to your account to look into the work previously done and if needed, raise the line fault to our engineers, please pop us a private message via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK and we'll get this sorted.

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3: Seeker

@STEVENSPIBY1 you may be able to get some firgures from you upstream cabinet here

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