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Broadband connection

Missing content on Netflix

1: Seeker

I'm on Vodafone superfast 2 , with no problems other than Netflix, I cannot see some of the films that a neighbor who is on Virgin Media can see. The films are missing on both my smart TV and any other devices on my wifi network. But I can see them on my phone when on mobile data. My neighbor is not using any form of VPN. I have turn off all content control on my connection just in case that was blocking it somehow. Has anyone else seen this or has any other suggestions.  

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That's very odd @halfwave 🤔 The first thing I'd ask you to check is that both you and your neighbour are signing into UK versions of Netflix. The service is available world wide and often has different content available to members from different regions. If you are both connected to an account based in the same region, you'll need to check you've not got any parental settings added on your Netflix account as this will affect the titles you're able to see. Netflix also tailors the shows highlighted to you based on the shows you've watched previously, have you looked for the titles by searching them? If your unsure how to search titles, just navigate to the magnifying glass to the left of your Netflix home screen on your TV. You may also want to check your TV has the most up to date version of the app installed. If you're still unable to see these titles, try logging out and back into your account on your TV to see if this refreshes the content available. If none of these steps help, try adding one to your to watch list through the app on your phone, log back into your account on your TV and see if the title is visible in your to watch list there.

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