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Broadband connection

No internet connection on home broadband

2: Seeker


I live in East Oxford, and suddenly lost internet connection to my home broadband service this morning, and now my router is constantly pulsing green on the internet light.  Logging into the router I see that I have no ip address assigned for internet. Can someone help me diagnose what the issue could be, and can it be fixed asap as my husband needs it for work?


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Hey there @yuc02 - Apologies if this is a tedious questions, but have you tried a hard reset of the router via the reset button at the back of your router? Also, have you checked that all the wires at the back of the router are plugged in correctly?

If you have and you're still having issues connecting, could you please drop us a message on social media so that we can check your broadband line? Make sure to include a link to this forum thread and your landline/account number 😊

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