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Broadband connection

Orbi Ax6000 on VF Gigafast

3: Seeker

I’ve just purchased the Orbi Ax6000 as the Wi-Fi in my home is shocking. The only way I could connect to the Gigafast was in AP Mode through the router. I spent a whole day trying to connect it via the Router mode but to no joy, even being on the phone with Netgear didn’t solve anything.

Anyway, it’s up and running now, not how I wanted it but it works and now covers the whole house with reliable speeds. But I have a few questions if anyone can help.

  1. My WiFi download speeds are on average 180mb and my upload is 500mb. Being on the Gigafast 900 I was expecting to have at least 500 download through the Orbi Wi-Fi while standing close to the router? I’m sure the VF router isn’t giving the Orbi enough power to produce the fast Wi-Fi speeds.does anyone know what speeds I should be getting with this setup?

  2. Has anyone been able to connect the Orbi direct to the Gigapoint modem with success? I was hoping to do away with the VF router all together as I’m sure by doing this the Orbi will produce much better download speeds?

Please excuse this long post as I haven’t got a clue when it comes to these sort of things! A couple of screen shots from my Speedtest.


Orbi SpeedtestOrbi Speedtest


Speednet downloadSpeednet download


Speednet uploadSpeednet upload


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16: Advanced member

We're only really just starting to see people with the Gigapoint GPON as opposed to the previous ONT set up, but the basics and the likely trip-up is the need set a VLAN ID on the WAN interface of the router.


In order to do this, you'll need your broadband user name & password from Vodafone, the VLAN ID is probably 911.  How to set up a bridge on the Orbi AX6000 starts on page 76 of its user manual


Its not clear from the Orbi manual that it is possible to express the VLAN ID on the WAN port - in which case unless you can set the VLAN ID on the internet connection page it's likely it'll only ever work in AP mode!


Regards specific points:  The Vodafone routers are strange beasts, It'd seem odd that it would limit individual download throughput.  It certainly doesn't come down to power.


Hopefully, someone with some hands-on experience will be able to flesh things out a little!



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3: Seeker

On a further phone call to Netgear, they have confirmed that the maximum download speed the Orbi is receiving from the VF Router is 175mbs, but the Orbi is receiving nearly the full 900 upload speed. 
It would be interesting to hear from someone who has also got this setup to see what they are getting. 
I’ll be contacting VF regarding this tomorrow so hopefully I can update the post. 

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