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Router performance Poor

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I'm getting to the end of my wick. The Vodafone pro routers are not designed for the Tech enthusiast.

1) the WiFi strength is poor so had 3 boosters sent. The speed is also poor.

2) can't use 3 boosters only 2. As when I use all three it knocks out all the 2.5ghz devices in the house (smart plugs, ring devices, some TV's, echo's)

3) total 43 devices in the household using WiFi, now and again various devices just won't reconnect.

4) not being able to change WiFi channels is so daft it baffles me, to be able to change wifi channel used to be a Vodafone customer service solution to connection issues

Tried splitting the WiFi but no solution 

I've just had enough of having to use 'forget network' on devices and reconnect them daily any recommendations to what to do next? Cancel the contract or look to buy a decent third party router?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Clearly the vodafone router is the weak link here 😉

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I don't think any "big" ISPs provide an enthusiast-level router.  It's not so much supplying such a router as supporting the router.

4: Newbie


 this is the speed coming from the pro 2 wifi 6e router

Mines half that

Hi are you on the pro 2 with the wifi 6e router 


10: Established
10: Established

As an enthusiast, why don't you turn off the wifi and get one or more Ubiquiti products (or other high-grade units)?

Don't even know what that is. I'm after recommendations for after market routers that are compatible with city fibre and Vodafone.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Around 95% of the currently available router's would do the job. However, as you're already having to use extenders a mesh system would be better, and more expensive.

If you're within your 14 day grace period then cancelling now and going with another ISP would likely save you a lot of money - and stress.