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Broadband connection

TP-Link Deco5 With Voda Superfast 100

3: Seeker


Just had Superfast 100 installed and I'd like to use my Deco5 instead of the supplied router. ( On Virgin I had the router setup in modem mode)

I've plugged the Deco into the box on the wall and configured the Deco as a PPOE connection but I can't get internet access. Do I need username details from Voda?



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Hi @arfurmix, from your post it does sound like you're going need your username details for the service. If you drop our social media team a message on Twitter or Facebook, we'll be happy to provide the details needed. You can find all the contact details here

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16: Advanced member

If you use the Deco to replaced the THG3000, you will lose the VoIP telephone. If you just want the improved Wi-Fi from the Deco's, better to use them in AP mode and keep the Vodafone router.

Of course if the telephone is not important to you then the best way to get your username and password would be live chat.

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