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Broadband connection

TP Link fails to clone SSID via WPS

2: Seeker

I have a TP Link powerline extender TL-WPA8630P connected to a Vodafone modem via a powerline adapter TL-PA8010P


They are paired, but the extender broadcasts a SSID named TP-LINK_XXXX and the router broadcasts a SSID named vodafoneXXXXXX. I want to clone the SSID from the router, but it won't let me. 


WPS is enabled in Vodafone's utility setting at


When I press the WPS button on the Vodafone router the LED starts to blink slowly. Then I press the WIFI button on the TP Link extender and the 2 WIFI LEDs start to blink. After a short while the router stops blinking and after a considerably longer while the extender stops blinking, and then not a god damn thing is different. The extender still broadcasts TP-LINK_XXXX 


What am I doing wrong?


Vodafone model THG3000

Firmware version: 19.2.0307-3261013


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17: Community Champion

Hi @mdvdk 

If the TP-Link isn't doing it automatically as part of the setup you should be able to manually update the SSID or the extender.

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