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Broadband connection

'This site cannot be reached' It took too long to respond

2: Seeker

Ok so I have an ongoing issue with Vodaphone for a while now and I'm not sure what to do. I am trying to access website and I get the response,

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


This isn't just one website, it is a lot of websites, all skincare/beauty related and it happens all of the time. It is nothing to do with my computer, as it happens on the laptop, tablet and mobile phones. I tried a VPN on my phone and I can access these websites no problem, so this tells me its the internet. I dont have high controls on my Vodaphone accounts, but also that is another issue as I can't even access 'my account controls' I get the response,
There’s nothing we can show you

We’re not able to show you any information here.

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Although I know my connection problem has nothing to do with my account controls just thought I'd throw that in there since I know that will probably be the first thing mentioned. 
Can someone please help with my connection issue, I am considering moving from Vodaphone as it happens alot and not just on beauty websites but on others too. It comes to something when I cannot even browse my internet properly.
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16: Advanced member

Confusingly you'll find the content control settings for VF Broadband in the "services and extras" area of your account details.

Using DNS servers other than Vodafone's own, such as Cloudflare ( & or Google ( & *I'd suggest setting one from each* or other third-party DNS server, gives no problems here and the site loads pretty quickly too.


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