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Ultra Hub High Pitched Noise

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


We have Vodafone Pro II Full Fibre 500 and we’re using the supplied Ultra Hub.

I’ve noticed that the Ultra Hub is constantly making a high-pitched noise, which is very annoying as the router is located within a bedroom. The noise is so high-pitched that older members of my family cannot hear it, but I can. 

It also happens whether the WiFi is enabled or disabled, turning WiFi off has no effect. However, it does only happen while the router has broadband connection (ie while it’s starting up or rebooting, the noise is not present). 

I was wondering whether this is normal, or if my Ultra Hub is faulty? Thanks!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@HTS126 It's faulty. It's likely to be one of the oscillator crystals (or whatever they're made of now) but whatever it is, it's something on the main board that's either failing or has a dry solder joint. Get hold of the help desk and request a new one. If you're lucky the help desk bod may even hear the noise if you hold the phone next to the router.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

It's likely a filter (inductor) coil or core has worked loose and is vibrating at audible frequencies. Without identifying the component and replacing it with the same spec (not advisable as it pushes your router into the "modified" which negates it's type approval) there's nothing the end user can do. It's doubtful vodafone would replace it for coil whine as it's functioning fine(?) but you never know. I hope you can get a recording. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Not having seen the guts of one of these routers I wasn't sure whether coils were still a thing. But, yes, something sounds like it's wobbling about.

Thanks for the info both!

As the router is functioning fine, I decided to just move it into another room using some old ethernet cables I had previously run through the loft, with another cable bringing the internet connection back again for the wired devices in the bedroom. 

Thanks again!

4: Newbie

Hi for what it is worth I had a high pitched noise from my THG3000 router, which I noticed shortly after BB was installed, and router felt rather hot. I complained using live chat and  they agreed to do a swap over where a new one was delivered, and took away the old one. Noise was gone and router a lot cooler.