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Broadband connection

Vodafone HHG2500 router is constantly dropping wifi connections

2: Seeker


Our Vodafone Home Broadband 2 router (HHG2500) is constantly dropping wifi connections on both 2 & 5 ghz bands. We have tried specific channels and auto, but still no better. It happens thoughout the day and we have noticed it more since me and my partner are working from home. It's really problematic right now as we both need to run Zoom seminars and these are badly affected by the disconnects. As far as I can work out it is not the internet connection that is a problem, but the router. Wired connection is fine for our smart tv which is near the router. But EVERY other device connected by wifi (2 iphones, 2 laptops, 1 set of hi-res wifi speakers), all lose connection on either band.


From looking at other forum posts it seems that the supplied modem is very basic and not very robust, and that others have solved this problem by buying a new router modem and replacing the Vodafone supplied version. The only problem then being that you can't use the Vodfone app for diagnostics and to manage devices (though at the moment this is all rather redundant with the terrible level of connection drop outs).


So, is the best solution to this to buy a new modem better suited to high levels of internet traffic? And if so, do I need to get anything from Vodafone to be able to set this up?


Or would it be better to upgrade to a business broadband set-up? Does this come with a much higher spec wifi router?


Or would it be better to ditch Vodafone and go with a different broadband supplier (though I hear so many bad things about other suppliers it seems that there's not much point)?


Any advice and help is very gratefully received!


Thanks, Russell

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4: Newbie

Firstly, I'd try this:

Go to your Vodafone account online:

Log in and go to Services and Extras > Content Controls > Manage Content Control

Whatever it is set at by default, change it to a lesser setting, i.e if its set to Super Safe, set it to Safe. 

Then click Save. 
Reboot the router and see how wifi now performs. 

Yes it seems very counter intuitive to alter a setting in no way to do with WiFi and not even on the router, however the content settings have cause weird problems for people in the past. 

If that still does not help, I'd call or use the online chat to Vodafone tech support and explain that your wifi on your router is malfunctioning (and that you have the older router).  They may send you one of the new THG3000 to see if it cures the issue. 

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2: Seeker

Thanks flilot, I will give that a go.



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