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Broadband connection

Vodafone Router drops connection

2: Seeker

Hi there,


I recently switched to Vodafone fiber and recieved a Vodafone gigabox router (Gigabox SHG3000). The problem is that the internet drops for around a minute almost 5/6 times an hour every single day and its quite frustrating to say the least. 


This problem never occured while I was with the previous provider (which was also a fiber service). I've tried switching ssid names as recommended by others who were experiencing the same problem but nothing. The issue is not limited to one device but persists whith every device in the house.


Could anyone please look into this.

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Hey @01QZR - thanks for joining us 😀 Sorry to hear you've been having issues with your connection - it can take 10 days for this to settle. Has this time passed? 

If so we'll be happy to take a closer look and help with getting your amazingly fast broadband running as it should be! Our Gigafast experts can get to the bottom of this for you when giving us a bell on 08080 044 668 👍

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1: Seeker

Mine does this with Sky Q as well. Have tried the Vodafone chat for help many times but none have worked. This has rendered our Sky Q useless. I wish we had never opted for Vodafone broadband and had kept Sky BB. Off to try another useless help desk chat to try to fix it...

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