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Broadband speed intentionally lowered

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So last night I had a live chat with CS to explain I've been out of contract for a while now and was looking to see what was on offer. I was initially offered 80-something meg I think it was, then they quickly corrected and said that actually wasn't available and the best speeds I could get at my address was up to 36.


I explained I was currently still getting around 50-60 after slowing down over the past year or so from 70+ and was told there was nothing they could offer over 36 to my address.

Ended the chat without an upgrade unfortunately and decided to just stick with it how it was as I'm getting 50-60

About 20 mins later my Internet went down and a few minutes later came back up but was now at 25-30 Meg speeds and today that's now dropped down to 17 max.

This can't be a coincidence and I'm confident whoever I spoke with has done something that's dropped my speeds on purpose.


Is there anything I can do?

It seems like I'm being told my address can't get anything over 36 Meg when I've been getting more than that for years and now I've had my speed dropped to less than half of what I was getting last night.


Originally I signed up over 2 years ago and was getting close to 80 and now for the same price I'm getting 17 and being told my address can only get 36 when clearly I can get more.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Awood - unless your plan has been changed, then what you're getting wouldn't have been impacted by the agent you've talked to. To help go through some live tests on your line, please go through our Support page. If more tests are needed, then you'll be connected to an agent. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

First thing to know is what Openreach think your line should be capable of, you can check that here:

BT Broadband (, if the number checker doesn't work, use the address checker instead.

Then check to see just what your current connection is, you can see that in the router under DSL status, and post it here, like this:

Line Quality

  Downstream Upstream
Current Rate79952 kbps20000 kbps
Maximum Rate81799 kbps25914 kbps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio4.3 dB9.5 dB

We can then (possibly) see if something has been done to reduce your connection parameters.