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Help! Best WiFi booster for my THG3000?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Can someone recommend a specific WiFi booster for me? I have Vodafone’s THG3000 and have been having huge problems getting a dependable WiFi signal into my garden office, which is on the other side of two brick walls, but only 10m away. I’ve lined the router up with a glass window and attempted to use an old BT range extender but it drops out all the time and I’m ready to launch the thing out of the window. Please don’t recommend I try power line - that won’t work for me - I’m hoping someone can tell me a specific wifi booster that will work with this router and that has a fighting chance of getting a dependable wifi connection in my garden office.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@leylandrichard Is your garden office connected to mains electricity? If so forget boosters and run a PowerLine connection to the office.

No, it’s a totally independent electricity setup. Needs to be wifi…

@leylandrichard Oh well, run a weatherproof ethernet cable. It's going to be simpler, cheaper and more reliable.

Ok, but I still need wifi in the garden office, because I have loads of connected devices in there - Alexas, Ring camera, Tv, etc. So I presume you’re suggesting I run a long Ethernet cable and then have that feed a new router in the garden office? If so, which specific router?? Does any one do? If so, can you suggest one?

@leylandrichard No router needed. Just an unmanaged switch or AP with some ethernet ports.