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vodafones internet speed slowed down from when I first got it. 60+ mbps to 20 mbps

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Hi all just wondered if anyone else has had this issue and how they solved it. I took out Vodafone broadband contract because I was getting a nice £3 discount because i had mobile contract with them. I was guaranteed 60+ mbps which was amazing. The speed was perfect when I first got it but then I noticed WIFI kept dropping every so often not very good when I'm watching tv or playing League of legends 😂. I bought a tp link to try and solve the issue which was fine but looks like Vodafone decided to punish me and have decided to put my sync speed to 20 instead of the 60 I'm supposed to get. Been with Vodafone mobile for like 8 years now been a liable customer so I decided to give there broadband a shot. BIG MISTAKE. Starting to wish I went with Bt now. All this to save £3 pounds a month 🤣 

Just wondered if anyone had this issue to with Vodafone. I've read forums on here with people with same issue but never got an answer what the best approach is as I've seen posts where Vodafone are not willing to help and others where people managed to cancel but other that did now. Just want to know what to expect before I go to war with Vodafone demanding the speed in which I paid for and took contract for. 

thanks to all who read looking forward to the 18 months of 💩 internet

PS I took contract out in Aug so maybe stuck for a while 


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16: Advanced member

@craigschalmers  Have you done a line test? It sounds like you have a fault and not someone at head office deliberately punishing you for buying some kit.

Hi, yeah don’t think they are deliberately doing it was only making a joke about it. I’ve done the test but it said yes I’m not getting my speed and technician will call still waiting tho. Weird thing I’ve found tho is when i go to speed checker for my area on their site it now only give me option of 26mbps option and the 60+mbps is now gone which is what I took out in the first place. If Vodafone’s speed has lowered in my area would have been good to have been told about it and give me a discount or something. Instead of just hoping I don’t say anything. As they clearly have the information about my area as they know what speed I get. Gonna try to contact Vodafone when I can it’s just annoying hours their office is open for me as I’m working when they are open and I can’t just call at lunch as last time I did this for my mobile contact I was on hold for 1 and abit. 

@craigschalmers wrote:
Weird thing I’ve found tho is when i go to speed checker for my area on their site it now only give me option of 26mbps option and the 60+mbps is now gone which is what I took out in the first place. 

Not sure I quite understand that.

Vodafone's version of the Ookla speedtest is here:

You say your sync speed has dropped, so does that show in your DSL stats?

Line Quality

  Downstream Upstream
Current Rate79999 kbps20000 kbps
Maximum Rate82115 kbps26445 kbps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio4.1 dB9.8 dB

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16: Advanced member

Also BT checker should show info as in my picture below. It should show a recent speeded measurement under "Observed Speeds" and the date of that test. May have to wait for the picture to be moderated.



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Hi, I tried the bt thing but just says this how do I get the other information. Doesn’t recognise my house phone number 


And I don’t know where to find that dsl stats as Vodafone broadband apps changed and few stuff seems to be missing 

I don't use the app, just login to the router. It's so much easier that way,

Login details are on the bottom of the router. (assuming you have the THG3000)