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14 days without a (digital voice) landline and counting

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I'm just here to vent... apologies in advance!

I now have a digital voice landline and thought I'd share my experience.

It was bad enough having to occasionally (too frequently!) reboot my Vodafone Hub to get my phones to ring - there's a separate thread on that topic (which isn't resolved but at least I have a partial workaround).

But what happens when your broadband is working fine but voice isn't?  It turns out that Vofafone don't actually care.  Here's a copy-paste from a support chat:

I'm afraid but we've auto compensation only for no broadband service if fault ticket raised and we're unable to resolve the issue within 48 hours, as per details internet is working fine. there is no option to compensate for landline issue, we've clearly mentioned in auto compensation T&Cs as well, you can check details using below link as well, we're not charging anything for the landline as well

Basically, doesn't apply because, with digital voice, we get our landline for free and only pay for the broadband service.  Who knew?

Now, I know Vodafone are hostage to OpenReach and while it is morbidly interesting to know the cause of the fault (Network Element - Upgrading Huawei MA5603 NVPL), the fact that the incident has been ongoing since 24 January (i.e. 2 weeks without phone service) and that isn't seen as a service issue worthy of compensation is astounding.

"We're not charging anything for the landline" = We don't really care.

Wecome to the Digital Voice future.

I expect the Consumers Association would have a field day with this, but I'll let the complaint process with Vodafone play out before I go there.