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FTTP installation has left me totally confused

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2: Seeker

At the end of my 2 year contract (today 18 Oct 23) I arranged to have Vodafone extend for another 2 years, but they would only agree to it at £25.0 if I have a full FTTP installation which would mean digital landline. BT Openreach have been today (yes on the contract anniversary) to fit said FTTP. At the end of their installation they've left my landline still plugged in to the old copper connection. I also had to provide a network cable to connect up my existing Vodafone router to the new box, fortunately I had a spare one. Openreach left site saying broadband will be up and running soon. They neglected to tell me, they'd reset the modem so my normal network SSID and configuration was no longer available, I thought they'd just turned the router off and on again. Once I realised what had happened I reconfigured it all and got broadband working. But I can't understand why they've  left my landline still on copper, Openreach said that this is because when he (the Openreach engineer) asked if I still needed a landline I said yes, and Vodafone hadn't provided a microfilter or a new router? The router I've got is a THG3000. I'm pleased in one way because all my phone extensions still work without me messing about, I'm just a bit concerned that I might get billed for an extra or separate landline. I'm also confused that I've got a reduction on my bill for going on to FTTP , but my Landline is still on the copper cable, I was given to understand that I'd be plugging my landline into my router. I also had texts saying that some equipment would be sent by Vodafone before the installation date and that an engineer has been booked to attend and that if there was no one here on the date I would be billed for the missed call. There was no delivery and no engineer from Vodafone, just the guy from Openreach. Anyone had a similar experience?


All working fine. I found a double RJ11 point on line for £1.00 + postage and connected it to the phone extensions wiring. Using my original vodafone supplied lead connected in to this new box, all the phone sockets around the house work properly. I've had Openreach remove the old copper from my house as it was attached to a facia board and I've removed all the old BT junk inside the house. I now just have this small discreeet box for my phone extensions and a from that, a lead to my router.. Thanks so much for your input, you provided that light bulb moment when sudden clarity burst through confusion!

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@MACH1 wrote:
Sorry, I had missed the bit about the router you had.  However, in all other respects the situation WAS indeed the same -

It is the OP @STEVESMITH099 who has the THG3000. (although I do also have one, but I'm still on the PSTN)

So yes your situation was similar, but by still having the old router at the time, not the same.

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16: Advanced member

Agreed. I went from FTTC to FTTP with Digital Voice with the same router. Not that I use it, but if I do it works fine.