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Additional data charges – DON’T PAY! (if you didn’t get notification)

2: Seeker


I have been facing the same problem. Even after spent many hours over the phone and live chat, no resolution. Even The lady refused to accept my matter. I did not received any notification or alert regarding my data etc. Please note my data was capped by your customer service when I opened the account with you in November 2019 and I was ensured that your data is capped and after the limit your data will be stopped, but it was not the case and I was charged tremendous £149.50 additional charges on top of £30/month. This is rediculous. I have sent the complain letter by post on 12th Feb'2020 and I hope you have received it. If the matter will not be resolved soon then I will take this matter to Ombudsman. 




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Hi @stonecold379 if you'd like us to look into your charges further, we're more than happy to do so. Just send us over your details on one of our Social Media pages when you can. We'll need to gain access to your account to review the notes.


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