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Mobile Broadband

Babckup VPN Connectivity using LTE Router (Client) to ADSL Router (Home)

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Hope this is the right topic for this question!


I have a Draytek 2860 ADSL+ Router at my home (Base) and I have purchased a Draytek 2862Lac 4G/3G LTE router (Client) for mobile working and I need to be able to setup a VPN connection between them for backup connectivity purposes when I am in areas with only 4G/3G coverage and to this end I have signed up for a Vodafone 4G 50GB Data only SIM which is installed in the LTE router.


The connnection is configured and the internet connectivity is working correctly on the LTE router, so all good there.


I have used the standard setup on the routers for creating a VPN LAN to LAN connection and selected the transport method on the LTE Client router to be via the 4G/3G Vodafone connection however; I get no connection at all no matter what type of protocol I select.


Has anyone managed to get a VPN connection between routers to work via Vodafone LTE connectivity and if yes, are there any specific settings I need to be aware of.


I suppose a more basic question is can you actually setup this type of VPN connection via a Vodafone Data SIM?


Hope someone can help!



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