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Mobile Broadband

Extremely Slow Speeds from Vodafone R219H MiFi

2: Seeker



I purchased the R219H MIFI 4g router device yesterday and have extremely slow speeds since setting it up. I am on the unlimited max plan so the speed isn't being bottlenecked and I have also looked at the coverage for the area im in and its good both indoors and out.


For context, if I use the 4g from my mobile provider I'm getting 40-60mbs, but if I then connect my phone or pc to the router I am barely getting above 4mbs. Is there a resolution to this? 


Thanks in advance. 



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Hi @JozefW, Let's see if we can get to the bottom of these issues for you and increase the speeds for you.

So we can take a closer look into this for you, please confirm 👉

- Does the issue happen in just one location? If so, how far do you have to travel to regain service?

- What is the full postcode (e.g. ST1 1AA) of where the issue occurs? If you'd prefer not to post this publicly, add it to the personal information in your profile. Only our moderators and yourself will be able to see this.

- Does the issue occur if you try your SIM card in a different phone?

- What errors are seen or heard when the issue occurs?

- Does this happen on 2G, 3G, 4G or all?

- When did you first notice this issue?

- Is the issue permanent or intermittent? If intermittent, are there certain times of the day when it occurs?

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1: Seeker

Hi, I have an R219h and the speed is super slow.

It is happening all the time at the same place, could tou please help ?

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Hi @florinstelian! I'm sorry to hear you're having connection issues at the moment. We'd be happy to investigate with you. Can you please complete the Network template here and pop this back to us on this thread? Once we have this, we can look into this more thoroughly for you 🙂

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