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K5160 USB Stick on macOS Catalina

2: Seeker

Has anyone found a download for the "VMB OnDevice" software for the latest version of macOS (Catalina, 10.15)?  It used to work fine on Mojave (10.14), now it doesn't work at all, and I can't find a download ... looks like I'll have to bin the Vodafone account and go with someone else if they don't support this USB dongle any more :-(



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2: Seeker

I complained a while ago and got back an email:

"Just to recap, when we spoke on 9 November 2019, you explained that you are looking for an update on the 'On Device software' for Mac devices.

As discussed, I looked into this and explained you that once the software update is available it will be released to all customers. Please visit the Vodafone website to check the updates.

I hope this has addressed your concerns. If you have any questions, or require further information please do not hesitate to call us on 08080 045 200 (standard call charges apply). We're available every day between 8am and 9pm and one of our case handlers will be ready to work through the issue with you"

I have not yet found a software download for Macs that works for Catalina.
I'm getting ready to cancel my service as well.
I think Kyocera has had a fix for a while and Vodafone just needs to incorporate that into their software and do a 64-bit build?
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2: Seeker

Yeah, I wasted an hour or so trying to find somebody to talk to that could help. Ended up on the support chat thing, which was another waste of time ... basically he didn't understand the problem, and ended up telling me I should go to the nearest Vodafone shop. Can't be bothered with that, they won't be able to help either.


It seems Vodafone are selling a USB stick that isn't going to work with the latest macOS, and there's no obvious way for us to nudge them into doing so. Given that Catalina has been out for 3-4 months now (and available as a beta for developers since last June) it doesn't look likely that Vodafone will address this issue soon. Or even that they're aware of it.


So I'm going to EE.

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