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Data Only SIM Registration

Hi All,My first post!I have recently purchased a data only SIM, on an unlimited plan - great!I do not own a Vodafone device, phone or hotspot / router,.The router I have does take a SIM card and is my only source of broadband.The question is: How do ...

Cryasor by 2: Seeker
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GigaCube 5G - WiFi weirdness

I just got a GigaCube 5G and on my laptop I'm getting some funny WiFi behaviour: traffic just stops! I'm happily connected to the Cube, everything is working fine, and then dead... no traffic. WiFi does not disconnect. Traffic just stops. A few minut...

Uplink by 2: Seeker
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Huawei b528 red signal light

Hi.  I have a minute broadband service with Huawei router b528 and signal light has turned red, was previously working ok.  I have reinserted aim, powered on/off and reset. Any ideas? 


Does VOIP work with Vodafone 4G wireless dongle

ReactFM by 2: Seeker
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GigaCube disconnects every so often, wired and wireless.

I bought into a plan for the GigaCube and 5G Unlimited literally a few days ago and had only set it up yesterday. (I have only used 17GB so far) Every so often (can be minutes or seconds) it will disconnect from the internet and the only way to fix i...

Liudom by 2: Seeker
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Zoom meetings

Why does Vodafone Mobile LTE, UMTS, HSPA+ and EDGE etc all turn off (yes, turn off) every time I try to host a Zoom meeting.I am using a dongle for mobile broadband on a laptop at home and yet can use InDesign and Word etc with huge docs and operate ...

Mug-2020 by 2: Seeker
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Erratic Broadband on Voxi

We've been using VOXI for home broadband for around a year now and so far it has worked fine. Just about a week ago all of this changed as the service became extremely erratic and generally will not load many web sites. The error message comes up as ...

User2209 by 2: Seeker
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