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Issues connecting to StackOverflow

Why cant I connect to the website using the mobile wifi broadband. The site itself is functioning correctly but cannot be accessed when using my mobile wifi as internet connectivity. Its not a browser issue as I can connect if I dro...

Mobile broadband constantly dropping

I pay the highest tariff to allow me to stream and download load with no issues however in the past 6 weeks the connection has been intermittently terrible. When I try to watch anything on catch up or love sports it constantly buffers. I have made 2 ...

Flo71 by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube Help

Hi, We're having constant issues with our Gigacube - it works fine for a while then it starts to go very slow - pages won't load etc. I have to reset it and then login to it all again. Im not sure if this is made worse by my husbands office phone whi...

mifi router disconnecting to sky q

I changed from sky broadband as we are unable to get fibre broadband in our area. I have a mifi mobile wifi router. Since then my sky q mini box disconnects every day. I have to spend at leat 30 mins to reconnect. I have tried to contact vodafone and...

magd by 3: Seeker
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Best comms. solution for a church?

Hi All, I'm trying to set up a system so that services in a church can be 'Zoomed'.No phone line in there, or nearby wi-fi, and it needs to be a bit more sophisticated than sending from a single mobile phone, so I'm thinking that a mobile router with...

Alan-N by 2: Seeker
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Data Only SIM Registration

Hi All,My first post!I have recently purchased a data only SIM, on an unlimited plan - great!I do not own a Vodafone device, phone or hotspot / router,.The router I have does take a SIM card and is my only source of broadband.The question is: How do ...

Cryasor by 2: Seeker
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GigaCube 5G - WiFi weirdness

I just got a GigaCube 5G and on my laptop I'm getting some funny WiFi behaviour: traffic just stops! I'm happily connected to the Cube, everything is working fine, and then dead... no traffic. WiFi does not disconnect. Traffic just stops. A few minut...

Uplink by 2: Seeker
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Huawei b528 red signal light

Hi.  I have a minute broadband service with Huawei router b528 and signal light has turned red, was previously working ok.  I have reinserted aim, powered on/off and reset. Any ideas?