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Ridiculously High ping when downloading using 4g

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Just recent moved to 4G Mobile Broadband after the new house that I have moved into doesn't have fibre. Getting roughly 40mbps download speed using an antenna in the attic. It works for me. Also using a Vodafone sim in a Huawei 535 router. 


The problem is, in my last house with fibre, when downloading the internet seemed to still be functional for everyone else using it. For example, if I was downloading something upstairs, my other half would still be able to watch Netflix without issue, and vice versa, if she was watching Netflix, it wouldn't affect my gaming experience.


Now however, if I am downloading something it's almost as if I'm using up all of the internet, Netflix is slow and buffers all the time, and when Netflix is being watched the ping spikes up to 1000+ in some cases are insane in games, even though the download speed to my computer is still around 5-10mbps, the ping just goes through the roof.


Of course with a little organisation this is manageable, but It is highly annoying. Just wondering if it is an inherit problem with Mobile Broadband or if it is something not quite right with my setup. 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It could be the new area you've moved to @Clufflebot  and the different possible level of signal and data speeds from the new masts or the materials in the new house build  / thickness of walls maybe causing interference.

Other issues can cause interference too such as weather etc.

Mast congestion does not show on the service checker but can be causing issues which is from lots of people in the area using the masts etc.

You can check the current status of your local and surrounding masts via the Vodafone Status-checker and the Vodafone Social Media Team's can look at this also if you use the template in Network-issues-initial-checks-and-template  along with making use of any of the included troubleshooting tips.


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