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Gigacube intermittent connectivity issue

For the last 3 to 4 weeks I've been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with my Gigacube mobile broadband. I've been a Gigacube customer for around a year now and for 11 of those 12 months, the connection has worked pretty flawlessly. After...

Massive increase in lag when streaming Netflix

HI,I have about 14Mbps connection which works generally OK until I stream Netflix and then, although Netflix is OK, then lag times for everything else go through the roof but bursts every few seconds. I assume this probably corresponds to the Netflix...

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yas1 by 2: Seeker
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Mobile broadband doesn't work

Hello, I have data only SIM pay as you go. On 30 October my modem indicated good connection but I couldn't access any websites. When I log in to "My Vodafone" account my data pack was deleted (and 2.17 GB of unused data).On 31 October I bought anothe...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Charity Support

We are the 1st Charity to designate a catering Trailer for Homeless Feeding and Support, providing hot/cold meals drinks, clothing, footwear, sleeping bags, also charging ports and FREE Wi-fi, we are currently providing this our self, however, we are...

Gigacube - 5G coverage, NW London

I've bought a Gigacube 5G this week as we were notified that 5G has just gone live in our area. The unit arrived this morning, and whilst it worked straight out of the box it will only connect to 4G. I've spoken to VF Support (eventually) who told me...

Yoofman by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube Guest wifi settings

I'm having to setup a wifi range extender in my community centre because the range with the gigacube is hopeless. We're using the Guest wifi for visitors to the centre and I noticed there's no 5GHz signal with Guest Wifi.  Whereas there is on the sta...

ozthomas by 2: Seeker
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Incorrect wifi password

Hi everyone I've  just received  my Wifi router and have set it up but every time I put the password in, it says in correct password. I've tripple checked its the right  password but still coming up as incorrect. Could this be because I'm still waiti...

Reecew96 by 2: Seeker
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Can't contact Vodafone - where is my delivery

Hi! I ordered a dongle that was suppose to come today but I checked the delivery company website and they refused to take the order so it's going back to vodafone! It's impossible to contact them despite I tried several times and different ways (call...