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Vodafone K5161 Options - Help!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker



I would like some advice on Vodafone mobile broadband, specifically the Vodafone K5161 Dongle.


I am looking to get one for my laptop, and would want 4G with Unlimited data usage and uncapped data speeds (i.e. fastest available speed, NOT capped at a certain speed).


It seems that one option is a 30-days "Unlimited Max" contract, which fulfills the above criteria. However, I wanted to know what would happen if at some point I wanted to cancel the contract at some point in the future? Would I still get to keep the dongle? Would I be able to set up a 30-days Unlimited Max contract again in future after a period of not being in a contract  / not topping up the dongle?


Another option seems to be Pay As You Go, which appears to be £45 for the dongle, and it comes with 15GB data.


Regarding the Pay As You Go dongle option, presumably you keep the dongle forever and top up when neccessary? If so, what is the maximum amount of data you can top up with at a time? Are there options to have uncapped (fastest available) speeds for the data you top up with, as in the Unlimited Max monthly plan above? I would need fastest available at all times, as opposed to a capped 10Mbps speed limit.


A final point. It seems as though the actual data packs that you purchase as a dongle top up are not listed or outlined anywhere on Vodafone's website without already owning a dongle... This is a bit annoying, as I would find it very useful to have an idea as to what the different Pay As You Go data packs are and what they include before opting to get a dongle. Can I find this info somewhere?


Many thanks for your time and advice!


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@dingledongle It's great to hear you're interested in our range of options to use our speedy network with your laptop 😁

With our 30-day Unlimited Max plans, you can let us know if you change your mind in the first 14 days (as with any of our services) and you can return the device to us as well as select a different plan if you'd like. Anytime after the 14 days, you'd need to give us notice that you'd like to leave 30 days in advance. You can then choose to keep the dongle or return this back to us where we can recycle this. With any of our packages, you'd need to ensure this is used at least once every 180 days on our network to keep this active. If you decide to leave the contract, you can purchase another dongle or data SIM with us at any time. The Unlimited Max plan will also allow you to connect to the fastest speeds available in any area you're in and you'll be able to connect to our 5G network too.

Same with our Pay as you go dongle plans - you can keep the device and top up at least once every 180 days to keep this active. Your speeds for these plans will be dependent on the network of the area you'll be using it in. With our current offer of 15GB data on a Pay as you go SIM for 90 days with the dongle (at £45), after this time you can change the data amount at any time with our one of other available data only SIM bundles.
We have a range of different way you can top up your mobile broadband with us. At the moment, these options would be the same as those listed on our data only SIM page - these can change with any offers or promotions we may have 😊

If you have any other questions, please let us know!