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Broadband app update for android

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Since updating to fibre broadband about 2yrs ago app never worked right since. Unable to see devices on app (although still sends notification saying new device connected) also since cannot see devices no options to boost etc. Have reinstalled and reset app multiple times and still the same. Thought some good news when vodafone said they were updating to new app week 20th to 27th Nov 2023. Now about a month and half later still no sign of new app although it has been on ios for a while? Is this new app version 5 going to be available for android too or are we just getting left behind? Still on version 4.6.7


4: Newbie

I can totally sympathise with you. I was on Full Fibre Pro II (FTTP) using the old THG3000 hub and was having exactly the problems you describe (using Android 4.6.7). Yesterday I was upgraded to the new 6E router and the problems have completely vanished. It now operates 100%. It has completely turned around and now operates as I would expect it to. I currently have 48 devices on line, (12 off line) - it shows them all  in Devices and I have been able to identify and name them all - this information is shared between the Android App and also the main computer access. Looks like the Ap is designed for future work with the 6E router. (They did give me a really good deal to upgrade. Tho at the end of my contract so new contract taken out.)

Thanks for the reply. Just annoying that the app doesn't seem fit for purpose and judging by Google play reviews lots of others the same

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The app was updated to bring compatibility with the new Ultra Hub, but it caused so many problems with the thg3000 they dropped it. Likely they'll try again around April. 

Thanks for the reply shame vodafone don't seem bothered by people's issue with existing equipment