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Deco X20 Mesh system setup

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi All,


I am going to be a new customer to Vodafone very soon, and am currently on Virgin Media. I have a Deco X20 mesh system running at the moment, and have every intention of keeping it when i move over to Vodafone. I have had a look through these forums on setup but am still slightly confused on how to actually run this with Vodafone.


Currently on Virgin, there process requires you to put the router into modem mode and then connect one of the Mesh nodes to it via an ethernet. The rest of the nodes can then be setup around the house.


My question is what is the process for Vodafone, i dont have a phone line so its just internet. Some threads say you dont even need the vodafone router at all, others say you have to use the vodafone router as a bridge, so hence the confusion. I dont want a double nat issue, so just want to know the easiest way to get my current mesh system setup as i need wifi throughout my house to run my business. If it cant be done properly with Vodafone i will have to look at another provider.


Thanks for all the help in advance


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As you're not bothered about the landline you're best option is to connect your deco mesh system directly to your ONT. You'll need your PPPoE details from vodafone via this link.

TOBI without the dumb AI 

Awesome, so i assume when it comes to the VF router i can just unplug it and throw it in the draw then? I wont need to change any settings or anything before connecting up my deco to the ONT directly apart from inputting my PPPoE details?

I'm not sure where the VLAN settings are on those units, but if you are indeed going to be with Cityfibre then you'll need to enter 911. For openreach leave it blank. 

Ahh cool, I think it will be City fibre so I'll make sure to change the Vlan to 911 aswell.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

When you get Vodafone it will presumably be full fibre. Do you know if it will be Openreach or CityFibre?

Cant say for sure, it may be cityfibre but again im not 100% certain of this. Is there anyway to find out?

@adamhussain123 wrote:

Cant say for sure, it may be cityfibre but again im not 100% certain of this. Is there anyway to find out?

When you sign up you are given a choice of speeds. If the up and down speeds are the same, it's CityFibre, if the up/down speeds are different, it's Openreach.

Should be CF then in that regard as I should be getting 910 up and down according to the deal I got as a new customer. Appreciate the help!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I have used these with my Vodafone FTTP connection for over two years now. Set one as the main router and entered my PPPoE username and password, the other, a slave connected  via ethernet.