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iPhone 15 WiFi Issues with the Pro 2 Hub in a mesh setup

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I had the Pro 2 hub and 3 mesh APs all linked up in my house. Had 2 smart TVs, a smart security system with 5 cams, 3 kids ipad, a smart thermostat, 2 laptops and 2 iPhone 11 Pros.  Everything was perfect since switching since August 2023 till we decided so swap out our high mileage iPhone 11 Pros for the new iPhone 15 pro max. That is when the nightmare started. Every device on the network still functions well except the 2 new iPhone 15s that drop internet connectivity intermittently at least twice a day. WiFi for the LAN works ok (printing, file share, stream to TV etc), but you had to toggle WiFi on the phone to restore internet connectivity. I have had support calls with Apple techs without any form of respite. Apparently, other users of the model have complained about WiFi issues. I have tried resetting the phone, removing VPN profiles and all sorts of recommendations, the only thing that helps a bit is having to create a secondary SSID that allows the iPhone 15s to fall back to 5GHz and 2.5 GHz WiFi  when we loose internet connectivity on the Wifi6. 
I’m not insinuating this is an issue with the Pro Hub 2 system, I just want to put word out just incase anyone has similar experiences and have seen a way out or if anyone can suggest a trick or two. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Ho @samnnamani, it's strange that everything but your phones seem to connect without any issues. This seems to suggest the cause of the issue lies with the phones. It looks like you've tried a number of steps to resolve the issue when you spoke to Apple. Did they suggest doing a factory reset of your phone? This will completely wipe the handset, so I'd back up anything you don't wat to lose. It will also wipe and reset the device software, so if these disconnections are being caused by a software glitch, it should be wiped too

Thanks Mark for the feedback. 
Both iPhones have been wiped with a factory reset but still no results unfortunately. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

If it's just the phones that aren't connecting @samnnamani, I'd say the issue's connected to the phone rather than the router.

4: Newbie

It sounds like you've been through quite the ordeal with your new iPhone 15 Pro Max devices and your existing network setup. It's frustrating when technology that's supposed to make life easier ends up causing headaches instead. Have you considered reaching out to your internet service provider to see if they have any insights or suggestions? Sometimes they can help troubleshoot connectivity issues, especially if it's related to compatibility with specific devices. Additionally, have you checked if there are any firmware updates available for your Pro 2 hub or mesh APs that might address the issue? It's possible that a software update could improve comapatibility with the new iPhones. Hopefully, you'll find a solution soon so you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with your devices! Also, check out Baweja Media.

There seem to be a few different theories about this, not just with the Vodafone router, but with a few other pieces of kit too.  The suggestion is to turn off MAC randomization on the phone, and if that fails then turn of IPv6 on the router.  If neither of those fix the issue (or at least reduce it) then I'd probably turn them both back on!