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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Wifi r219h

2: Seeker

Hi Vodafone, I have recently just purchased your Vodafone mobile wifi dongle(R219h) as an alternative to a normal wifi as where I live doesn’t have phone line connection and a few of your advisors agreed my Xbox and other devices would be fine to stream off of.


Having done that and set it all up, everything seems to work fine other than Xbox which I can’t use online at all. My (NAT) is showing up strict, which doesn’t allow me to chat or connect to any other online Xbox users!  and also have no UPnP which I believe is down to the dongles MU frequency but may be wrong. Is there please anything I can do to resolve this as I’ve tried every google and YouTube method I can find. Surely there’s a way of sorting this for the money I’m paying for this specific ‘wifi’ every month. Being able to use the Xbox was initially the only reason for me to order the dongle and now I can’t even seem to do that.


Please assist in any way you can, many thanks.

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Thanks for raising this with us @Bradlfc14. At the moment this is something we're aware of and are working on a fix. So we can add your case to our examples to raise to the dedicated department, please can you drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter? Our team will then be able to ensure your details are passed to the team who are investigating this for us.

If you include your Community username along with the link to your thread, you won't need to write your query again and we'll securely get your details from either social media channel 👍

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