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Mast locations

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I live at RG21 3LW in Basingstoke and am considering the 5g GigaCube option for broadband, I need to know where the mast I would connect too is located.  My windows face directly north and south so the mast location could be important for speed etc..  Any help would be appreciated.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @oldman40! We're unable to give exact locations for our masts as they can be located on private land, however, if you're happy to pop over to our Social Media channels, we'll be able to give you a more specific direction for your GigaCube once we have your exact address. Bethan

Hi Beth,


Thanks for the reply, I do not use social media, if it helps my house number is [Removed]                                                                              [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @oldman40 - we're unable to advise of a masts location, for security reasons. To see what the expected coverage is like in your area, please enter your postcode onto our Network Status Checker. Down the left-hand side, you’ll see the option to select 4G and 5G. This will show you the predicted coverage for your location. If you click the ‘Data speed info’ option, it shows the expected speeds where you are. Please be aware that the speeds can depend on how many devices you’re sharing the connection with at one time. 

Thanks, all I wanted was approximate distance and direction, I will look elsewhere for the info.

Strange when O2 show locations on their coverage map

Thanks again


Hi @oldman40, if you're on android download an app called cellmapper (not sure if it's on iPhone). 

This app is based on data entered in from the public and is pretty accurate. It's got my local mast 100% spot on. When you've located your closest mast on the map you could head over towards it and check your signal strength then run a speed test with the app. If you're not currently with Vodafone for you mobile and know a friend or family member who is, you could get them to do a 5g speedtest near to your local mast to see what speeds and latency you are getting :).

All the best, 


Hi Lee

Many thanks I will look at cellmapper, just need to be sure I can receive  a decent signal before committing to Vodafone.

Thank for the info